About Dingja (E)

Dingja is a tiny little village on the westcost of Norway. It is located just south of the famous Sognefjord, the worlds longest fjord! (Did you know this?) Well, this is the place where I (Tormod Tveiterås) live with my family.

If you want to take a closer look at where Dingja is on a map, + the exact Latitude & Longitude, try this link:

The place has a impressive population of 45. We have a shop, easy access to the fjord, a lot of fresh air!

In the near past we had some riding horses

and we also had a large number of sheeps. 

(This is not "any sheep", but Morgan. Morgan did not bother to go up in the mountains last summer, so he was living like a prince of the hand of our carpenters when they build our house last year. Well, there is a tradition around carpenters and sheeps, you know....)

The times are changing, and farming is unfortunately not the "favourite job" in Norway anymore. The animals are all gone - apart from dogs and cats.

We are surrounded by a lot of beautiful mountains, where you can have a magnificant view of Dingja, the mountains, the fjord and overlooking the North Sea. After a walk of 30-40 minutes, you can have a view like this, looking down at Dingja:

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